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Cactus Print 95%cotton/5%spandex-knit

Our barrier mask is washable and reusable - our masks are made of the same high quality fabrics we use for our sleepwear.  They are lined with a non-woven material which is essential to stopping micro-sized particles and for keeping a barrier between the face and external particulate matter. The fabric is breathable and comfortable, and the securing elastic is soft to the touch. All of our masks are made in Montreal, in a clean and healthy environment.

  • Small – recommended for children from 2 to 6 years
  • Medium - recommended for children 7 and up and most women
  • Multi-layer construction for superior filtration.
  • Outer fabric is cotton/spandex
  • Interior fabric is a soft 100% cotton jersey (on the skin) for comfort, backing in 100% polyester (dries faster)
  • Between the two layers is a non-woven filter, made of a 100% polyester commonly used as interlining in children's clothing, also suitable for surgical masks
  • Soft, adjustable elastic: one elastic should lay at the bottom of the head or neck and the other at the crown of your hair line
  • Wash before first use
  • Machine wash and dry - it is suggested that a laundry bag be used to prevent the elastic from getting tangled with the rest of the laundry

Please note that this product is a final purchase, and that for health reasons we cannot accept any returns.

This mask does not replace a laboratory tested mask and does not replace a medical mask.

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