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Our story

Coccoli was born in 1995. We are a family business renowned for our durable and cozy children’s clothing for ages premature to 14 years. Our name means “cuddles” in Italian. This is an homage to Marian the founder's heritage , who is part Italian on her father’s side.

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The Coccoli Family

Coccoli may have started as a family, but today we couldn’t do what we do without our team—a diverse group of people who believe in quality and sustainability, from our headquarters in Canada.

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Our concept

We are committed to create quality clothing with beautiful designs, with uncompromising detail and durable, premium textiles. Each season, we create a new collection with unique concepts and designs. We believe that kids need practical clothes and accessories that will last from one generation to the other. Being a human-oriented brand, we are also conscious about the environment and ethics.

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We care about people and the planet

Coccoli clothes are created for your kids—but we also care about their future and the planet, too. As much as possible, we’ve vertically integrated our business to entrust production, environmental and ethical standards.

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    Sustainable fashion

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