We choose our fabrics based on maximum softness and durability. Always building for the future, we aim to use sustainable materials

 Organic Cotton

organic-cotton-icon.pngOrganic cotton is grown in an ecosystem where the laws of nature are respected through the preservation of soil fertility and landscape diversity, to produce a fiber free from GMO and chemical pesticides. It's grown using rainwater and prevents chemicals from seeping into the soil and groundwater making it safer and healthier for farmers and their communities



Tencel TM Modal

beech-tree-icon.pngDeveloped by the Austrian company Lenzing, renowned for its innovation and quality standards, Tencel TM Modal is made from sustainably grown and harvested Beech trees. It is processed using a water-saving closed loop system, using organic enzymes that are repeatedly recycled. It is esteemed for its softness, comfort, breathability and moisture absorption. It has a silky touch and feel to it, and is often made into lighter and thinner fabrics