Who We Are

Coccoli, founded and based in Montreal, Canada, is known for its durable and cozy children’s clothing for ages premature to 12 years.

Founded in 1995, Coccoli is celebrating its 22nd year! The passionate team at Coccoli is led by the mother and son duo of Marian and Francois Vachon.

We present a new collection each season, comprised of several themes. Each theme offers a variety of prints, stripes and color combos specific to that theme.  You can therefore coordinate different articles and fabrics all the while remaining in the same color palette.

Coccoli's fabrics are chosen and developed with softness and durability in mind.  Wash after wash, your garment will keep its original shape, as well its vibrant colors.  Always comfortable, and especially, always your child's first choice in sleepwear.

 Coccoli is entirely produced in Tirupur, located in Southern India – the city is renowned as the “knit-cotton capital of India”. The magnificent region of Ooty is nearby – a wonderful network of nature and National Parks.

 Coccoli conforms to the Canadian and American children’s sleepwear flammability regulations by ensuring that all sleepwear apparel sizes 12 months and up are snug-fitting to your child’s body. We do not use any flame retardant chemicals or products.

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